Thursday, May 18, 2006


How to make money on the Internet

Anyone interested in starting a home business on the internet can quickly get bogged down with the many programs and opportunities available. It is difficult to choose and hard to focus on what your real choices may include.

It is important that the newcomer learn the most important part about making money online -- there really is only one way to make money on the internet -- sales.
Of course there are a lot of different variations in types and methods used on the internet..

At first glance your choices are pretty straightforward:

~ Sell other people's products
~ Sell your own products
~ Sell yourself
~ Sell space on your web site, blog, or publication

Then things start to get complicated.

Even something as simple as selling products created by others takes on some unique twists on the internet and can quickly lead to complications. There are four main areas to choose from:

~ Selling as an affiliate to earn commission on each sale (you deliver the customer to the vendor)

~ Selling unlimited electronic products as a reseller to earn 100% profit on each sale (you are directly involved in sale)

~ Selling a limited number of products you bought at wholesale to earn the difference between your cost and the sale price (you are directly involved in sale)

~ Selling as a drop shipper to earn a percentage of each sale (you are the middle man in transaction normally using auction sites such as Ebay)

Each method offers its own blend of benefits and drawbacks and you need to decide which suits your experience, time, and interest.

Selling your own products can be complicated as well with the need to organize issues such as payment processors, affiliate programs and advertising as well as customer service.
Selling yourself offers advantages in that you don't need to deal with many of the problems involved in products -- such as payment processors, large numbers of customers and all the complications that entails -- but it can also be limiting (you only have so many hours in the day to accomplish the tasks or jobs that you take on) and requires the need for regular promotion to build and maintain your client base.

Finally selling advertising such as banners or text links or offering contextual or pay-per-click or pixel advertising can be a much simpler method of earning money but in order to earn a decent income from this source you must continually work to build and promote your web site, blog, and/or publication. Web sites and blogs that don't consistently offer new, quality content quickly slip in search engine status and the loss of traffic then income follows even faster than you can say search engine optimization.

This has been just a quick overview of the income opportunities available to you on the internet. Take your time over making your choise of business. Good luck with your new internet business whichever choice you make.
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Friday, August 12, 2005

How to Create a Contact List

How to Create a Contact List

Your contact list is what you need to grow your business. One person I know calls it her confidence list. This makes sense when you consider that the more names you have on your list, the more confidence you will have that you can succeed. Remember that on a list of 100 names if the first three say no you still have 97 to contact.

Think of people who live within your circle (called circle of influence). Who are these people? They are your family members and friends. People who are close to you, who know and understand you and you know they will listen to you. Remember on this list do not forget your neighbours.

Do not make any judgements about who will or will not be interested in your business. Everyone is a potential customer. Even people who may not want to purchase your service or goods may willingly refer you to their friends.

How many people do you know but have not contacted in a while. Remember people who you used to talk with often. List the people you know at work, people your partner knows, people you used to work with and people you do business with whether you buy from them or sell to them.

Go through your personal lists. Who did you send Christmas Cards? Do you have access to lists that contain ex-school friends, club membership lists, PTA groups, professional associations, community organisations like sports clubs? Don't forget your child's school. These areas are good for building your lists.

Who have you got listed in your telephone/address book? Potential customers not to be overlooked are your accountant, doctor, lawyer, banker, dentist, optician, hairdresser in fact anyone who you come into contact daily. Check your bank statement to see who you have paid. These could include the carpet cleaner, the florist, local shopkeepers, insurance agent, meter reader, estate agent, travel agent, TV repairman, post person and waiter or waitress.

Remember that your contact list is your first step towards a successful business. As you meet or introduced to more people keep adding them to your list.

I hope I have been of help, good luck in your chosen business.

PS If you are building your business through affiliates you may find that they will come from your lists.

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Saturday, February 26, 2005


How to Set Up your Home Office

How to Set up your Home Office

You have taken a great step to running your own life. Now is the time to get yourself organised within your home office. What I am going to show will make life a bit easier now that you are the boss and time is money. Let get you organised. You are now the CEO of your own business and should treat it responsibly. If you treat your business as a hobby then you will only earn what a hobby would earn. However if you treat your business responsibly you will see profits coming in. Set your goals realistically, write them down, print them and stick them up where they can be seen every time you enter your office. By following this simple method you will see growth in your business. On the other hand if you fail to set up your office properly do not expect to succeed. You will find your business will become disorganised and haphazard, even you won't want to work for you.

You will need to find a quite place within your home where you can work. If you have a desk great, set it up in the area you have decided to work from. If however at this stage you do not have a desk then earmark a table top as your primary workplace. You will no doubt need to use your telephone and internet to run your business so enure that your computer, and workplace are neighbours. Your computer must have internet access and I would recommend that you have at least two email addresses if you are going to take advantage of the many free internet advertisements available. Remember that through these ads you will receive a lot of junk mail so I recommend that you do not use your main email address when advertising. If it is within your start up budget I would recommend the installation of a business only telephone line.

Scheduling is crucial to your business that is why I recommend you use a daily/weekly planner. I also recommend colour coding your appointments and to do lists using marker pens. Within your daily scheduling you should include:
a. Personal or family time.b. Goalsc. Workd. Administration time. Emails. Appointments/presentation calls. Training call/coaching calls
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